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Our company

Loxahatchee Electronics has been developing and manufacturing since 1991.
 We strive to provide the finest products in our industry, and back them with unmatched support.

Retail Petroleum Equipment
Convenience Store Terminals and Printers
Gas Station Dispenser and Pump Parts
Commercial Fueling Site Software and Hardware

We can provide custom software and hardware solutions.

Our team

Loxahatchee Electronics is a valuable source for electronic gas pump replacement parts. Printers, credit card readers, consoles, POS terminals, cash registers,  circuit boards, and tank monitoring systems.

Contact Information

Loxahatchee Electronics Corporation
5401 North Haverhill Road, Unit 120
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Phone Local (561) 784-9600
Fax (561) 713-2757
Toll free (800) 224-6249